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People are fundamentally drawn in by one thing: other people. At Raccoon on the Run, we know that centering the people behind the business is key to truly engaging clients and standing out from the crowd. That’s why we pride ourselves on making the process comfortable, easy, and even fun for our clients – when you’re at your best, the content we make will reach its full potential.


People are creatures of story – from our earliest days we’ve been sat round the campfire, telling each other tales. Raccoon on the Run was founded by an award-winning documentary director, so we know a thing or two about telling compelling stories. Narrative is the heart of any video, whether it’s a feature film or a simple product video – moving pictures need to tell a story, or why make them move at all?


People need to know that the people they’re trusting with their time and money share their values. That’s why we strive to emphasise what you’re all about through video, letting the ethos each client’s project is founded on shine through so they can really stand out of the crowd in a world saturated with attention grabbing imagery.

A premium, bespoke service.

Commissioning video content can be a daunting process: it’s often difficult to know what you really need and how to achieve it. With Raccoon on the Run, you get an experienced producer to guide you in a collaborative process to create the content best tailored to achieving your goals. Often in a world of over-produced, excessively flashy video content, less really is more. Raccoon offers premium videography without ego or unnecessary add-ons that’s on-trend yet stands out from the crowd, bringing a cinematic edge to your work.

Broadcast-standard equipment.

The Raccoon on the Run workhorse is the Sony FX6 Cineline camera – a broadcast standard, Netflix-approved piece of equipment that’s frequently hailed as one of the best cameras in the industry. When paired with Sony G-Master lenses, and audio capture gear by Sennheiser, Rode and Tascam, as well as industry standard lighting and of course someone who knows them all intimately, the result is truly incredible visuals and sound at a reasonable price.

An understanding of the modern video media landscape.

To get the best out of video, you need to know where you’re going to put it. Working with Raccoon on the Run means you’ll not only get content specifically created to maximise engagement on each individual platform, but guidance on which platforms are most appropriate for your business.