Why I use the Sony FX6, Part Two: Dual Base ISO

Good light is the backbone of great video, but sometimes you’re forced to work in less than ideal lighting conditions, which can result in lost detail or excessive noise on the video as you crank up the ISO (a term for your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light – higher ISO means a lighter image but […]

Three top tips for hiring a videographer

Raccoon on the Run recently released the free Layperson’s Guide to Hiring Video Services. It’s packed with information that everyone should know when hiring a videographer – top tips, what to do before you even start looking, technical basics, and more. Here are three top tips from the guide to whet your appetite! 1. Know […]

Remembering what’s interesting: the dangers of over-familiarity with your own work

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I recently finished post-production on a short documentary I’ve been directing and producing called ‘Streetside Sonder’, about a homeless Mancunian’s Friday night. The participant has been a friend of mine for many years and much of his life has over that time been demystified to me – more so since we started on the documentary. […]