The Process.

The process.


Whatever you’re looking for, the first step is to have a chat. Whether that’s in-person or over video link, we’ll discuss what your goals are and how we’ll best reach them. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what you need – don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll go over what your business is all about, what appeals to people about it, what you want to show, and the story behind your business.


I’ll create a bespoke plan – what we’ll film, where, and what I’ll need from you. Once we’ve discussed this and made any changes, you can give your final approval.


I’ll plan the shoot then it’s lights, camera, action! Whatever the job, we’ll make sure the shooting day is well-organised, comfortable, relaxed and fun. Being on camera can be intimidating, but thankfully we’re specialists in getting the best out of people whether they’re experienced at presenting their products, or new to the whole thing.

Post-production and delivery

Once the shoot’s done, you’ll have an opportunity to give any final instructions or requests and then it’s go-time on the edit. Your content will be cut together creatively and appropriately, in-keeping with your brand, style and values and colour graded to get a truly professional, premium look. The audio will then be mixed to the highest standard, and finally any titles and graphics will be implemented. Even if it takes a few revisions, once you’re happy, you’ll take full ownership of the finished product.

High-end gear.

Raccoon on the Run only uses the best cameras, lenses, lighting and audio options going. With the renowned Sony FX6 as the Raccoon workhorse, not only will your content have incredible resolution and sharpness, but also unparalleled depth of field and colour. Check out our blog to read more!

People. Stories. Values.

People want to know they’re engaging with a business which shares their values; who’ll make them feel comfortable; who they can trust. Likewise, we know our clients want the same out of the video process. Raccoon on the Run was founded by an award-winning documentary producer equipped with all the tools needed to showcase the people, story and values behind your business while making the video process stress-free for you, allowing you as much or as little creative control as you like.