Shooting video with a gimbal – pros and cons.

A gimbal is a device on which cameras can be mounted to allow them to move smoothly with six degrees of motion. When used well, they create fluid movement and some models like the Raccoon-standard DJI RS3 Pro offer a number of other exciting features which we’ll briefly touch on later. Gimbals are enormously popular in modern videography but some say they’re overused – the hyper-produced, somewhat dream-like movement they produce isn’t right for every production, so it’s important to know why you’re employing a gimbal instead of going handheld or using a shoulder rig or tripod.

The DJI RS3 Pro Gimbal with mounted Sony FX6

‘A premium feel’

Personally, I find that gimbals are great for shoots requiring a premium, commercial feel – product and corporate videos for example. They take practice to use well, and perform best when you have a shot list to work from. When working on something more run-and-gun, with events unfolding unpredictably, a gimbal can make it more difficult to react quickly to what’s happening and get the shot just right. Often the ‘gimbal look’ won’t be appropriate too – if you want the viewer to feel like they’re in the action, or you want to create a more intimate, friendly vibe, then a gimbal is unlikely to work.

One thing I love about using the DJI RS3 Pro is the number of options it opens up. It allows remote control, so the gimbal can be set up with the camera and controlled from a distance – ideal for filming wildlife, or from hard to reach or dangerous places. It can also be attached to vehicles and, well, just about anything else, giving a vast array of creative options for certain projects. Using the RavenEye system and focus motor, even settings like focus, iris and optical zoom can be controlled remotely.

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At Raccoon on the Run, we like to emphasise the importance of using the right tool for the job, whether that’s a high-end gimbal, a shoulder rig, a drone, or simply going handheld. If you’re looking to use a gimbal in your next video project, or want to leave the ‘how’ to us, get in touch with Raccoon on the Run today – whether it’s a product video, a corporate video package, a docummercial, or anything else, we’ll always use the perfect tool for the job.

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