Staff profile videos: the do’s and don’ts of creating great staff profiles.

Video is the world’s premiere means of communication these days, not least because it lets us express more of ourselves than a simple picture with some text. Staff profiles have become common in every industry, from personal training to banking, and it’s easy to see why: they’re a quick and effective way to let your customers or new members of staff get to know the team! Not all staff profile videos are created equally however, and a poorly organised crew or badly lit space can be the difference between sleek, warm professionalism and David Brent-esque shoddy awkwardness. Here are some Raccoon tips for avoiding the latter!

The vibe of the shoot will be the vibe of the finished profiles

The most important element of any staff profile video is the staff, so ensuring that they’re feeling good on the day plays a huge role in a quality staff profile video. Plan for more time than you think you’ll need so that if Dave from HR stumbles over his words, you’re not lying when you say ‘don’t worry about it mate, we’ve got loads of time!’ Most people aren’t used to being in front of a camera and the easier, more fun you can make the whole process, the better they’ll be and the better the final video will be too. It also helps to have water on hand, and generally create good vibes on set as the crew – if you’re stressed, they will be too!

Bring a teleprompter

Some people are happy to speak off-the-cuff or find memorizing their ‘lines’ easy, but others don’t and that’s okay! That’s why a professional videographer is so valuable – we know that not everyone is a natural-born Tom Hardy, but it’s our job to ensure they can still give their best. That’s why the option of a teleprompter can be so helpful. A teleprompter projects the words the person speaking is meant to say directly in front of the camera, so they can read their lines and still maintain eye contact with the camera – pretty nifty stuff. They’re easy to set up and, these days, there are some really reasonably priced ones, so there’s no excuse not to have one!

Know what you/the client wants out of the staff profile videos

No two staff profiles are the same, and the profile videos for the local clown supplies emporium are unlikely to be very similar to those for the local criminal solicitors’ firm. Ensure the client and yourself are on the same page – do they want a friendly, funny set of videos, or something more serious and to the point? What information do they want conveyed? All of this is important to know well ahead of time so you can plan and prepare properly.

Find a good location

Often, a simple well lit plain backdrop will do just fine, but paying attention to location can really elevate a set of staff profile videos. Filming different members of staff in their respective environments, for example, can really add context to their videos while letting the viewer know where they’ll be most likely to find them. Offering the client the option of greenscreen can also be helpful, as it allows you to do all the filming in one location while still incorporating cool backdrops.

Do more than just talking to the camera!

Show people doing their jobs! Use cutaway footage! Being a documentary director, I find it disheartening how many staff profile videos and the like are just people talking into a camera. Our job as videographers isn’t just to film things – it’s to create engaging videos with pace, rhythm and narrative. Ensure you’re using your full arsenal to do this and you’ll be able to create something special!

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