Why I use the Sony FX6, Part Two: Dual Base ISO

Good light is the backbone of great video, but sometimes you’re forced to work in less than ideal lighting conditions, which can result in lost detail or excessive noise on the video as you crank up the ISO (a term for your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light – higher ISO means a lighter image but […]

Three top tips for hiring a videographer

Raccoon on the Run recently released the free Layperson’s Guide to Hiring Video Services. It’s packed with information that everyone should know when hiring a videographer – top tips, what to do before you even start looking, technical basics, and more. Here are three top tips from the guide to whet your appetite! 1. Know […]

Shooting video with a gimbal – pros and cons

A gimbal is a device on which cameras can be mounted to allow them to move smoothly with six degrees of motion. When used well, they create fluid movement and some models like the Raccoon-standard DJI RS3 Pro offer a number of other exciting features which we’ll briefly touch on later. Gimbals are enormously popular […]

Staff profile videos: the do’s and don’ts of creating great staff profiles

Video is the world’s premiere means of communication these days, not least because it lets us express more of ourselves than a simple picture with some text. Staff profiles have become common in every industry, from personal training to banking, and it’s easy to see why: they’re a quick and effective way to let your […]

Video production outdoors: three essential tips for videographers in nature

While it’s great to have the comforts and convenience of a studio or indoor shoot, sometimes a shoot calls for a trip to the great outdoors. Shooting in nature brings unique challenges – some obvious, some not so. Here’s a roundup of Raccoon’s top tips for producing amazing video out in the wild. Batteries It […]

Manchester videographer tips: my top three outlets

Even the most well equipped Manchester videographer will eventually come across a job that demands a new piece of kit, and whether it’s worth a purchase or more cost-effective to just rent, you’re going to need a supplier. Every good videographer has their favourite suppliers – for gear, batteries, SD cards, rentals, you name it. […]

Product video shoots: 3 things to consider

Product videos are one of the most common types of shoot any commercial videographer will do. After all, showing off the product is key to any business’ success. They’re generally fairly simple, and with a little flair you can create something beautiful and professional in a relative tight time-frame – but only if you prepare […]

Remembering what’s interesting: the dangers of over-familiarity with your own work

Raccoon on the Run logo - a raccoon jumping with a camera

I recently finished post-production on a short documentary I’ve been directing and producing called ‘Streetside Sonder’, about a homeless Mancunian’s Friday night. The participant has been a friend of mine for many years and much of his life has over that time been demystified to me – more so since we started on the documentary. […]